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Russian program on Radio 3zzz of the Ethnic Public Broadcasting Association


3ZZZ_Fri_01_Sep_2017_9_00 & 10_00_PM


3ZZZ_Fri_18_Aug_2017_9_00 & 10_00 PM


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3ZZZ_Fri_21-Jul_2017_9-00 & 10_00_PM


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3ZZZ_Fri_23_Jun_2017_9-00 & 10_00_PM


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3ZZZ_Fri_26_May_2017_9-00 & 10_00_PM




3ZZZ_Fri_12_May_2017_9-00 & 10_00_PM




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3ZZZ_Fri_2017-04-14_9-00 & 10_00_PM


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3ZZZ_Fri_2017-03-17_9-00 & 10_00_PM


3ZZZ_Fri_2017-03-03_9-00 & 10_00_PM


3ZZZ_Fri_24_Feb_2017_9_00 &  10_00_PM 


3ZZZ_Fri_17_Feb_2017_9_00 & 10_00_PM


3ZZZ_Fri_10_Feb_2017_9_00 &  10_00_PM


3ZZZ_Fri_02_Dec_2016_9_00 &  10_00_PM 


3ZZZ_Fri_25_Nov_2016_9_00 &  10_00_PM 


3ZZZ_Fri_11_Nov_2016_9_00 &  10_00_PM


The Russian broadcast group joined the Ethnic Public Broadcasting Association in 1986 and commenced broadcasting at the time when 3zzz went on air in June 1989.
The Russian program on Radio 3zzz is the only independent source of Russian mass media in Melbourne. Which is controlled by the Russian community.

Currently, the dedicated volunteer broadcasting team consist of mainly rescently arrived migrants who regulary present two, one hour programs weekly.

The program content is usually aimed to inform our listeners of important and interesting, historic and current events. And provide entertainment by presenting popular and light classical vocal and orchestral music.

The broadcasting committee continualy invites members of the Russian community to join Radio 3zzz and to participate in presenting our programs.

Weekly Show Schedule

Wednesday:  20:00 – 21:00

Friday:          21:00 – 22:00

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